Services / Expertise

Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support and Alimony

We listen to your goals and develop a strategy to achieve them, whether through alternative dispute resolution or litigation.  We help you understand how Maryland Law applies to the unique facts of your case. We have successfully negotiated complex marital property settlements, litigated contentious custody matters and represented clients at every point in between.

Real Estate and Commercial Disputes

We help you use the judicial or arbitration process to enforce your interpretation of a contract or ordinance, no matter the industry or context.  We have fought high-stakes battles for clients in the context of land development administrative approvals, noncompete agreements, misappropriation of trade secrets, and commercial interference claims in every context from assisted living facilities to insurance markets to renewable energy contracts and everything in between.

Estate Litigation

We help you ensure that your loved one’s property is dispersed according to his or her wishes.  We have litigated cases in both the orphans’ courts and circuit courts of various counties to win disputes pertaining to trusts, wills and codicils which affect a wide range of property interests including land, real property, stock portfolios, retirement accounts and family heirlooms.

Commercial, Real Estate, and Employment Contracts

We help you consider your options and safeguard your interests in your next big project.  We have helped executive-level employees navigate the limits of existing non-compete agreements while negotiating terms with new employers.  We have documented a variety of commercial leases for shopping centers, farms, and offices, negotiated the sale of land, shares of stock or business assets, and managed the termination of a variety of landlord tenant relationships using the courts and other means.

Construction Litigation

We help you understand and limit your liability ahead of a project or convince an arbitrator that your view of the contract is the right one.  We have won and collected numerous judgments for contractors, arbitrated custom home disputes for homeowners, and handled mechanic’s liens from the perspective of both property owners and contractors.